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For sale: DAF - FT CF85

TypeFT CF85
ConstructionTractor unit
PriceFixed price
ExtrasAir suspension, Disc brakes, Steering axle, Diesel, 4x2, Euro 5, Tare weight: 6880kg, Max. weight: 19000kg
Transmission: 12 gears, Automatic
Front axle: Tyre profile left: 40%; Tyre profile right: 40%
Rear axle: Double wheels; Differential lock; Tyre profile left inner: 20%; Tyre profile left outer: 20%; Tyre profile right outer: 20%; Tyre profile right outer: 20%
Power: 265 kW (360 HP)
Number of cylinders: 6
Engine capacity: 12.902 cc
Carrying capacity: 12.120 kg
Wheelbase: 380 cm
Make of bodywork: ZF
APK (MOT): tested until 07/2020
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
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